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While this might lead the user to unintentionally contract an STI, that isn't the same as someone intentionally seeking one out.The appeal of a sex roulette party lies in the risk, which inherently contradicts the nature of bug chasing: It's not the possibility of infection that bug chasers seek, but the certainty.While most X-rated fare from the era were relatively unimaginative, micro-budget affairs, "Sex Roulette" looks relatively lush and was filmed in some exotic European locations.It also presents some of the strangest characters ever assembled in a film of this type.Morales believes there's no way of determining if risky practices like bug chasing have been on the uptick in the past decade.Yet he cautions that it's "very important" that the media not judge those in the community."I would separate [sex roulette parties] from the chemsex trend because they are not necessarily connected," Gustavo Morales, the Deputy Director of New York's Latino Commission on AIDS, told , so we don't know how common it actually is.

Ever wanted to see Hitler get chlamydia - now you can!But Snopes, a website that debunks internet hoaxes, notes that it is tabloids which have been reporting about the sex roulette parties.The portal says there is no credible evidence of the existence of such parties, and none of the media outlets that reported it carried firsthand reports. You could treat or mistreat them as you saw fit with little reason for guilt.Respiratory system failure with a side order of explosive diarrhea was all within your power. For most people Friday night is an opportunity to go out, enjoy time with friends and family, or maybe have a relaxing time at home.

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